Friday, May 30, 2008

8th Graders

8th graders, 8th graders, 8th graders...... there is so much to say about this age. There is so much that people say about this age. I usually defend them, say that they really aren't that bad. Well I am not defending them today. We are 7 days away from summer vacation. They know it, I know it. It is 87 degrees and sunny outside. It is the last period of the day. If I hear my name one more time this class period followed with "Can I go......." I am going to scream.

I am almost looking past next week. We have to finish up a novel we are reading and get the writing portfolio's ready for the high school and yea, they have to take their last reading test. Do you, or better yet, does this school district actually think they are going to take this test seriously? I know, in order for them to put forth some effort, I will need to come up with something to bribe them with. ( I am accepting any donations to help me fund the bribery)!!!!!!

Six Flags day in June 9th. WOW, I can't wait. I can't wait to get out of this building for a day. The kids that are eligible to go are going to be a breeze to handle. The best part of it is that they only have to check in a few times during the day and they can go and enjoy themselves and I can too.
I can enjoy the funnel cakes, the turkey legs, the hand dipped ice cream cone and of course a loan before I go. HA HA HA.

Ok, I am better, I will be able to get through the last 38 minutes of class now. Thanks for listening.

Busch Stadium

Do you remember the time that you were able to take your family to a game and spend only $40.00? Well it is not like that anymore. I accept the fact that beer is going to be expensive, even though the brewery is literally 1 mile away. But anywho...... I was asked to go to the game last night by a friend of mine. He was given the tickets by one of the umpires working the series. Who knows where the seats might be but lets take the roll of the dice and see where we land. Well the seats were GREAT to say the least!!! They were in section 154 row 16!!!! I have never seen a game from that close before, legally that is........ HA HA HA.

So the group of 4 went to the game, bought beers and some great tasting nachos. I saw a new stand, it was an Asian Stand.

I went up and saw the price for fried rice and asked the lady working there, how much do you get for that price. She told me a HALF order of chicken or beef fried rice. So I did some research on the Internet today. How much is half order of meat fried rice outside of Busch Stadium? Well, one place I looked up was $5.55 for a FULL order. Another place was $6.50 for a FULL order.

So you all are wondering what the price was, aren't you? It was, are you sitting down? It was $9.25 for a HALF ORDER OF DAMM RICE. You know the meat in there was not going to be anything. Have they all lost their minds? I was thinking there is no way that people would pay that for FU****** Fried Rice. Until I came back from the bathroom and saw the people sitting in front of me, carrying those containers in their hands. You know what? They are the crazy ones not me. I will be starting to bring my snacks into the park now on. I am also thinking about how to hide my liquid refreshments so Busch Stadium does not get any more richer off of me.

Hey Cardinal players, thanks for a great evening at the ball park. You managed to sweep the Astros and teach me a valuable lesson all at the same time.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Young Adults part 2

Ok, I posted about young adults about a month ago and I have kind of gotten off my high horse since then but I have to get back on today. I had to go and run some errands today at lunch. Thank God I get a long lunch because no one could of done what I did today in only 45 minutes.

I am going to bitch about is the licensing office off of Olive Road. That place was extremely slow. It did not help that one of the people that work there would rather read his texts then click the stupid buttons on the computer. I watched him do this to three other people in front of me and no one said anything. Well I could not keep my mouth shut, but I did it professionally.

He started my paper work, then sat down, then looked down and was either reading or sending a text. It did not matter to me. I leaned in closer and said, " I don't mean to be rude but could you please get through this and do your texting later?" He responded after a minute or so, "I am sorry about that, you were not being rude, I was." We I was somewhat satisified with that statement.

But then I went to Hardees. Wow, the Hardees off of Olive is not quick at all. It was not because of young adults, it had to do with the working environment. Management was down grading employees. So it was not a great day in our fair city. That is really too bad because it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

GO CARDS TONIGHT. I can't wait to get out and enjoy a baseball game.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Helen

For those of you that do not know this amazing woman, her name is Helen Small and she turned 98 yesterday!!!!! She is married to my grandfather for 27 years now. Yes, that means that she is his second wife. My grandmother passed away when I was in the 6th grade. What a great woman Isabelle was. She was your typical grandmother; she could cook like it was no ones business. But this post is about Helen.

Helen was one of my grandmothers friends. Helen's husband died and they did not have any children. After my grandmother passed away, she and my grandfather started spending time together. She is/was an amazing person. I do remember like it was yesterday when Grandpa and Helen came over to our house to tell us the "News". They were getting married, they were going to marry each other when they were both 70. How cool is that? Well at the time I did not think it was cool at all. I hated my grandfather for marrying someone else. I was very, very close to both my grandparents, so grandma's death hit me pretty hard. So I did what any adolescent would do, go screaming out of the room, yelling, no grandpa you can't marry her.

Helen came to my door and talked to me. She is a soft spoken lady and she is very good with her words. She told me that she would never want to replace my grandmother, she just wanted to share in my grandfather's life. I did not have to call her grandmother, I could call her by her name, Helen.

What an amazing wedding! Besides my brother Scott getting drunk, it was a pretty good time.
They have lived in harmony since then. They are now both in an assisted living facility, living by themselves in their own apartment. Helen reminds me every time I talk to her what it is like to live life. Yes, she has challenges, she uses a walker, has hearing aids and no longer can see but you would not know any of that if you just sat next to her and had a conversation with her.

Helen, here is to you and your 98th Birthday. Keep on kicking so you can keep my grandfather in line!!!!!!!

Gay Men

Today's blog is in relation to yesterday's (Sunday's) activities. "I went to a party at the county jail" just kidding but I warned you all that I love Elvis. Gay men are interesting. They can be equated to teenage girls. No really, think about it..... Gay men are the only people that I know that can break up with their boyfriend Friday morning, hang out with him Friday evening and then go to a party together Sunday afternoon. And when your at the party, sit next to your ex like nothing happened. Then one of them sees another very CUTE boy and say Damm, he's cute!!! WHAT?!?!?!

The activities at the local watering hole were interesting yesterday. There was a strange vibe running through Sunday School. I could not really put my finger on why this was feeling so strange but it was. I was a social butterfly, I talked to people I really have not talked to in a while. And you know what, I am glad I did. I also tried to get one of my friends out of his funk by snapping a few pics........ I don't know how much my friends will enjoy the pic but I thought it was FUNNY, but please do not post it on UTUBE!!!!.

I sometimes take people for granted. I usually call when I want to vent but do I call just to see how they are doing..... no not always. I am glad I came to that realization. I found out that there are other people in my extended circle of friends that care about me deeply. So why is that unique, maybe because I have always known that I can hang out with the boys and party but to actually have a real conversation with them, that was the coolest part. I needed to know that I am not just another pretty face in the sea of men.

Thanks boys, you helped a girl out!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Safety Inspection/ Emmission Test

What a crock of SHIT!!!!!. You know, if I am fine with the way my car is driving why should the state of Missouri feel the need to get into my business!!!!! How many times have you been driving and you hear the car next to you make some noise? They have a sticker on their license plates. Do you ever wonder how that is? I sure do. I just took my Kia in and it will cost me a bunch of money to get the shit fixed!!!! I know brakes are important but my third light on my back window. That is what two, working brake lights are suppose to be for. So what is the deal? No matter how hard I try to get everything paid, it just does not work. I am tired of feeling like I am living in a poor house. I am tired of having a few extra dollars in my pocket and then some new bill comes up and takes it away.

I was excited to see that gas is down to 3.58 a gallon today. I better fill up my tank now because in a few weeks, when my car bill gets to me, I am going to be poor again. Maybe tomorrow I can rant about a different issue but I have a feeling that I am going to be pissed about this one for a while. Don't even start me on personal property taxes...........

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jerry Springer Weekend

It was one of those weekend's that you want to forget but you just can't. On Friday, I had a full day. I went to work, physical therapy, dinner with friends and then out for a few beers. My body was exhausted by 9 P.M. so I decided to go home and go to bed. I was all alone in the house. No tv to bother me, no young adults walking in their bedroom that happens to be above my head and I turned off my phone. I was ready for much needed deep sleep. And then it happened, I was just about asleep and then I get jolted awake by "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET YOUR ASS IN THE CAR, I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU". Well I tried to ignore it, but then it kept going. So I was curious, who the hell was making this type of noise at 10 p.m. on a Friday night? So I got up, looked out the window and saw my next door neighbor's argueing with what appeared to be a relative to one of them. Well as I listened and watched because there was no sleep happening right then, I figured out that something happened inside of the house to what I assumed was to the lady's son. I have no idea what it was but apparently one sister hit the other sister in the mouth. The boyfriend of the sister was trying to get her into the car and had her in a head lock several times. She was actually in the car at one point and he got in and I was hoping it would be over BUT NO. HOOSIER ASS GOT OUT OF THE CAR AND WAS BEGGING HER SISTER TO COME OUT OF THE HOUSE TO FIGHT HER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.
Neighbor's came over to try to calm them all down, but next time the police will be called. I was tired of watching the Jerry Springer show outside my bedroom window, so I put ear plugs in and went to sleep. I slept like a rock.

Then Sunday night, we hear a loud truck in the street. So we opened the front door and saw a fire truck. Someone lit a mattress on fire in the back alley, across the street. Well welcome to the neighborhood, this should be an interesting summer.

That was my Jerry Springer weekend. I hope you all had a more interesting one.

Friday, May 16, 2008


It is finally Friday and it is actually sunny outside. I am so tired of the rain. I really don't remember a spring like this. We have had so many days of rain and when you look at the weeks forecast; it is still coming. I know I am going to want some rain in July but it really needs to stop for the time being. The weather sometimes dictates peoples moods. I must say, with all of this rain, I have not been a pleasant person to be around.

The kids at school are also getting fed up with it. Their engery level yesterday was every high. They need to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun. It is suppose to be nice this weekend so hopefully they all can spend sometime outside instead of inside playing their video games.

15 more days left of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK that is all for today. Not too heavy for a Friday.

Have a great weekend and go outside and enjoy the weather.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day came and went and I think I did a pretty good job with it this year. I actually wished friends of mine happy mother’s day and even got flowers for my partner. I actually thought of positive years and moments that I had with my mom. I was not filled with anger all day; anger because of the fact that my mom left us at such a young age. When I go back home and I see friends and their mothers I try to look at them to see what my mom would like now, in 2008. She died in 1990. That is 18 years? Can it be that long ago? Time does move on and if we don’t sit back and do a silent reflection of our time with someone they will be forgotten. I have not forgotten you mom. I look and act like you more and more every day. Thank you for being my mom.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saturday in Memphis

Well let me just say I am not normally a morning person. Especially after I have consumed enough beer to float a small boat. With that being said, I was in a hotel room with 4 other people and three of the four are morning people. (They actually work out in the morning before work for God's sake) So one of them woke up at 5:45 A.M.!!!!!! and he opened the curtain and said, "Good we have a blue sky". Well that was it, the light poured in and the room was up within 20 minutes. I soon got out of bed, did my morning duties and commented, " I don't normally get up before I have to folks". They all replied, you can go back to bed. YEA RIGHT. People were up, moving around, even showering! There are only 2 things to do then. Get some water and some Excedrin migraine medicine for my hang over headache. I also knew I would have to eat soon. So I was the next in the bathroom, showered and waited for others to get ready so I can soak up some of the beer I drank last night. We eventually found a buffet and ate. I felt much better after breakfast.

The Peabody Hotel is very impressive. We did not see the ducks do their thing but I will do that on my next visit. It was now off to GRACELAND. How cool is that? I could not wait to get there. I LOVE ELVIS. I have grown up with the King. But to let you all know, the Graceland tour is not cheap. We went on the basic walking tour with audio for $27.00. But the pictures I took was worth the money to me. The best part of the tour was the transformed racquetball court. Within the court was all of his awards, gold records and many of his outfits he wore on stage. You could also just stand in there and watch one of his last concerts. That was pretty awesome. We did not get to see the upstairs bedrooms. They are to remain private, maybe because he is still using them. At the conclusion of the tour, you walked by the grave site of him and his parents. Did you know that Elvis was a twin? His brother died at an early age. You might want to google info. on that.

It was now back to the hotel, and prepare for the all day and night music fest. BUT we had to hit Beale Street before the music fest. We need to eat some BBQ and drink some cold Big Ass Beers.
I do know now that the next time I go to Memphis, I will spend more time on Beale Street. It has such a diverse atmosphere. The BBQ was quite tasty too.

The music fest was something everyone should be exposed to at least once in a lifetime. Just make sure that you have rain gear and you can stand for long periods at a time. The Blues tent was pretty cool. The lead singer of the band we were listening to was awesome. He even knew a member of the Temptations and he got up on the stage and sang for the crowd. Then we moved to another stage to listen to Buddy Guy. Now he can put on a show and the energy he had on that stage was amazing. The next group SUCKED but Santana made up for how horrible the earlier act was. I love the was Santana brought in so much percussion into their music.

The concert ended at 1 A. M. Remember this day started at 5:45. We started our trek back to the hotel and we all needed the walk and get our bodies moving. All of our legs and lower back were in pain. Is that a sign of old age? Well I was the youngest one in this group, if that tells you anything. We had a few beers at the hotel and I made an announcement to the room, if anyone thinks they are getting up before 7, they will get physically hurt by me. The room finally went silent at 2:15 A.M. We all reawoke at 8. It was a great weekend! Despite all the rain and wind I drove through, it was worth the time and money. I will be back next year.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Memphis was a blast. It started with the worst car ride I have ever been on. I should of listened to my dad, yea I said that outloud. I was white knuckled driving through 4 different mini-tornado's. That is the only way I can describe it. When you see the signs on the road become wind vanes, you know what I mean. But when I got to Memphis the sun was shining. But it did not last long. We were able to make it to Beale Street for some "fruit juices". We also were able to see Joan Jet and the Blackhearts. That was a great show. I also love to people watch and I love for people to notice me as well. There was a lot of "family" at the music fest and some made references to me that I have it going on. It is nice to hear that. Then the sky opened and it rained for almost 3 hours.

My friend and I had enough to drink and we decided to start making the trek back to the hotel. I heard about this walk but to experience it with someone that is not able to fully hold themselves up is a different story all together. In order to get to the hotel you need to get to highway 55. You need to cross two different ON RAMPS. It can be challenging if you have had too much to drink and not judging your speed vs the speed of the cars correctly. Well, I had to pull my friend back a few times because he thought he could beat the car...... NOT. So we waited for the all clear and then crossed. Remember it is still POURING RAIN. We finally made it to the hotel and I was in the hot shower in 2 minutes flat. Then the pizza was ordered and we drank more beer and then the rest of the crew made it back to the room. To see the look in their eyes, I then realized how we must of looked when we finally made it back. The rain did not cause them to return to home base early, it was the excessive lighting. I really don't know if Sheryl Crow ended up playing or not.

The next day started at 6 AM with one of the crew looking outside and seeing a blue sky.... stay tuned for Saturday's events later.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I need a vacation. I want a vacation. I am going on a short weekend vacation. I am finally going to go to Memphis. One of my friends from work is retiring this year and I told him the year he retires I will join him and the rest of the "crew" in Memphis for Memphis in May. Well it has finally come and I am leaving tomorrow. I am very excited about getting out of town for the weekend and hanging with people I don't normally associate with outside of my work week. Is it bad that I want to take this trip by myself? Is it bad that I wish I was leaving tonight? I was on Spring Break last week and did not go anywhere. I need to get away from the mundane run around we call our daily lives.

I am going to go and see Graceland. I love Elvis and I am going to be a tourist Saturday morning before the afternoon juices. I would love to see the Civil Rights Museum but I don't think I will have time to do both. Then there is Tunica. But my time is very limited and I am sure I will have to go back to be a true tourist.

Thank you President Bush for the extra money in my pocket this month so I am able to fill up my gas tank twice.