Monday, November 24, 2008

The Holidays

I know, I know, I have not written for a while and I have had a bunch of things roll through my head. I did attend the Show No Hate Rally a few weeks ago and since it was bitter cold outside I think I caught the crap that is working its way through the schools. I am feeling somewhat better now. I wanted to catch up and let you all know what the holidays are going to bring to me.

This season is usually very festive....... all the decorations that go up in my house is frightening. Let's just say, I get very familiar with the basement steps. I would say there are at least 10 tubs of Christmas decorations that come up stairs. This will be our second Christmas in our new house and since we have some new furniture, the living room should be more open this year.

This season is also bitter, my partner's mom has been in a hospital or nursing home since Jan. of this year. She had a good day yesterday but has not had good days leading up to yesterday. Please, if you pray, please pray for Betty. She is a wonderful woman and does not need to suffer like this. So that puts a big strain on my partner and once again her family is AWOL or however you spell that word. We have spent the last week if not two going through all of her medical bills. If you can get long-term care insurance now, do so. Trust me we will all need it later.

My grandfather also went into the hospital 2 weeks ago. Now he is 97. He has lived a great life and he is still fighting. His wife Helen is 98 and she is at the facility by herself right now. So once again, if you are the praying type, please pray for John and Helen Small. They need GOD's strength now.

As you can see, my heart is heavy this holiday season. I plan on cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and sure hope it is better than the dinner that I tried to cook last night, boy did that suck. I plan on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It is always wonderful when the school district gives us our paychecks early so we can go out and spend a few more bucks. I also plan on getting most of my shopping finished before Dec. 24th. But we will have to see.

I am not going to shop for my Dad and Betty until I get to Chicago after Christmas, the deals at Kohl's are too grand to pass up the days after Christmas.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Try to do what the day is intended to do, sit and relax and be with the people you love.

For all you bitches that will be in town for Thanksgiving, come by the house after 8 for some holiday cheer.

Love ya all,


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Historic Election

It was a historic election from how much money was spent to how many people voted to the wait time at the polls. I opted out of the wait time at the polls and vote by absentee vote last Friday.

My observation and only my observation: I have noticed this country sliding backwards on many fundamental issues. I have noticed an increase in racism. I have noticed an increase in losing human rights.

I can't understand why Arkansas would even think of not allowing people in same sex relationships to lose the right to foster or adopt children. THIS IS 2008 RIGHT?

So Arkansas wants the kids, that could have loving homes, stay in situations that seems to breed more and more unstable kids because they are in homes that really don't want them but the people that run these homes want the governments money?

That is what it all boils down to. People want the governments money. Why else would a state decide that people who love each other and have committed to each other can not raise children that have been given away. Why not? Why would the people vote for this? I hope it is not a national trend. If it becomes one, like the gay marriage amendments, we, as a people as a nation are in trouble. Also, why have I not heard about this before it was over? Where was the news coverage on that?

The news can cover how ridiculous Sarah Palin is but we can't hear about states taking away rights of their people?

I have witnessed a part of our history but it is not all rosey as it seems.