Monday, September 29, 2008

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Economic Bail Out Program

One thing I know I am not good at is following economic news. I have the opinion the only 2 things that matter to me is if I have money in my pocket and in my checking account.

Now since I have been trying to follow the economic depression that no one wants to say we are in for fear that it might stir the American People to be concerned. Folks, we should be concerned.

I just read an article that we are closing in on 10 trillion in debt!!!!! Did you read that right? 10 TRILLION in DEBT. My question to all of you is who do you think owns us at the present time?
If you said China you are right. NO only are we outsourcing our labor to them but we are in debt to them.

So, I was given advice today from one of my girls at Luvy Duvy's, let your congress representative know how you feel about the bail out program. So I did. I found out who my senator is, my state rep is, my us rep is and also emailed Kit Bond and Claire McCaskill. Then I emailed them all and told them that I do not agree with the bail out plan and they should not vote for it.

I am only one voice but if we all do that, they might start listening.

So I emailed: Senator Maida Coleman, House District 063 Robin Wright Jones, US House 03 Russ Carnahan, Kit Bond and Claire McCaskill.

I believe, we the people, need to be more vocal. The Wall Street people that created this mess should not be bailed out by tax payers.

Check out this link.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Where do I start? Should I start with the fact that I planned my week out in my lesson plans and nothing went right in the classroom? Should I start with taking the day off on Tuesday to go and enjoy myself on the golf course? Should I start with I was awoken Tuesday morning to take someone to work, and this is getting REAL OLD by the way? Should I start with I had to run errands that weren't my responsibility on Tuesday before I could enjoy myself? Should I start with hitting the ball 230 yards on one hole and not getting a birdie? Should I start with coming back to school on Wednesday and 4 administrators walking into my classroom to evaluate me without any prior notice? Should I start with my 6th period sucks?

With that being said, and if you noticed, I did not get past Wednesday, because I don't want to be the cause of anyone elses breakdown. This was not a good week and I am happy September is coming to a close and I know someone else who is as well. It is just starting to be fall. I love fall. I love the change of the leaves. I love that we get some vacations at school. I love the fact that I can wear sweats and not be looked at as if I am strange.

I love the feel of Saturday mornings on my back deck. I love the feel of a hot cup of coffee going down my thoat. I love the fact that you can smell bonfires. I love the fact that little kids look forward to dressing up in their costumes up for a day out in the neighborhood.

I love college football, I love watching it with Friends screaming at the TV.

I need to put this week where it belongs..... in the past. It is over and I have learned from my mistakes this week, that is all we can do when things get a little mucky. We need to move on and learn the lessons that are being taught to us. I need everyone to take a deep breath and HOLD IT>>>>HOLD IT>>>>> HOLD IT ok, let it out. I hope you all feel better. I do.
See ya this weekend and if I don't have a great time. Most of you are free for 2 days, use it to your advantage. If you don't, no one will do it for you.

Friday, September 19, 2008

18-25 Generation

I am tapping into my brother's blog. He mentioned going back to college and how the younger generation is SCARRY. Well I really have to agree with him. Here is why. I see the youth of today and the future leaders in my classroom every day. I am scared a lot of the time but there are those times they really do surprise me and do some problem solving.

That is the topic for today: How to Problem Solve.

Problem solving is a higher level thinking skill. I have first hand experience in my classroom and at home how that does not always work. I have been guilty of being caught up in solving the problems of others and not letting them think through it on their own. That is really how I got the name Dr. Small. I problem solve for my students, at times, and I have problem solved for a 22 and 20 year old. I have also problem solved for my partner, who is older. Does that make me part of the problem? Or do I help the situation by giving a new perspective on the dilemna? I really don't know. But I do know that if make a suggestion on how to solve the problem and the person does not act on it, it pisses me off.

Why does it piss me off? Mainly because I feel as though I really come up with some great solutions and if they are not used then I feel as though my time was wasted. I have no idea if that is logical. Probably not because, even though I might like to think I am always right, I am not.

A group of us talked about this issue last night. Here is what I suggested, when someone asks you what they should do, ask them back, "Well if you were asking me to give you advice about the same situation, what would you tell me?" Flip it around so they think about it and don't give into the tempation of solving their problem.

That is just my two cents for a Friday. Have a great weekend. We all deserve it.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I am looking forward to this weekend. I really don't have anything planned. I have several invitations to attend various activities but I have not taken the time out to actually plan the weekend. I think I like it that way. Too many times, I have planned the whole weekend and it seems like I don't give my body the time to really rest. I "run" too much. If you know me at all, I certaintly don't choose to actually run. HAHAHAHA.

I am looking forward to the Taste of St. Louis at the end of the month. I love to listen to live, music and it is really nice when it is FREE. They have some really good bands playing this year.
The link is Let's get a group together to go and listen to some music.
Of course there will be good food and of course liquid refreshment.

OK, it is Friday afternoon and I am losing my train of thought. I will try to get on this weekend and write about something important....... who knows........


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gangs in North St. Louis City/ Public Assistance

This was a topic at a pool party a week or so ago and I took it a step further and asked a class of my students what they think about the gangs taking over the neighborhoods in North St. Louis and this was their responses.

I posed the question: How do the residents in the neighborhoods where gang activity is becoming the common place, take back their neighborhoods.

Have a curfew for all residents.

Have more police presence.

Have the community "get togethers" so they can know each other.

Make a neighborhood association.

Try to get the gang members interested in something else.

Try to find them a good home or a good paying job.

Get the schools to work with the gang members.

Show them the importance of education.

The students hit all the important topics and they saved the best for last.

We need to help all of our young people to understand the importance of education, not street smarts, but how getting out of the rut is more important than trying to stay in the rut.