Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone

As I sit on my very comfortable recliner I am going to attempt to write this blog. New Year's Eve was fun. Terri and I went to dinner and then went to a party. It was a small group but it was fun. I enjoyed being able to sit and talk, play Wii and just hang out. I did get booed off the stage during Guitar Hero at least 4 times. Ha Ha. Kelly, I need to practice more at your house so I don't embarrass myself anymore.

We rang in the New Year and hung out for a little bit. We did not hear any gun shots until we got home and it sounded like it come from across the street.... great huh? Then we slept in. It was wonderful to sleep in.

We eventually got up and I went to watch the Hockey game that was being played at Wrigley Field. It was cool to hear how much the players of the Blackhawks and Red Wings loved playing on a outdoor "pond". Then Terri made me feel guilty with just sitting as she was working on cleaning up the living room, so I started to make some moves to clean the kitchen. Well that only lasted for a short lived 20 minutes or so and I retreated back to my recliner where I still sit.

These are the days that I miss. Just hanging out and watching college football and both of us on are respective laptops. She is playing a game and I am writing......... I love it.

I am starting to get hungry though and I certainly don't want to cook so we might venture to Lafayette Square to see if Square One Brewery is open....... I am craving their beer cheese soup.

Ok everyone, I hope you all had a nice and safe New Year's Eve. Here's to a wonderful 2009.