Friday, February 27, 2009

The Weekend

Today is Friday and it seemed like today would never come this week. I don't know if it is because I was so busy last week and weekend that this week seemed to drag on and on. Also there is not a lot planned this weekend which I am fine with. But I do find myself looking forward to Spring Break. I really was not planning on going anywhere but that has all changed.

Now I am going to Columbia to visit my best friend for a few days and then off to Tunica, MS.

I love Tunica. I love to gamble. I love to go to different casinos. I also love the fact that they still offer free drinks if you are playing. THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! I might also make it to Memphis and go to the Civil Rights Museum. I missed that the last few times down there. But then again, I can always visit it while I am down there in May for the Music Fest.

We are getting to the point of the school year that vacations get planned with a day or two off from school. Us teachers need to revive ourselves someway. We plan long weekends.

There is not much else to say today. I plan on getting my new room more organized this weekend and I will hopefully be in my new bed by the following weekend. I am anxious to get myself organized because I can feel myself getting kind of crazed because of it.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being Busy

You know there is much to say for being busy. If you are busy, you don't really have to reflect. If you are busy, you are usually surrounded by people. If you are busy, you can tell yourself you do not have time to .......... do whatever it is you are avoiding.

I took a step yesterday to slow down and think about what I want. I want my own room, my own space. I want it organized the way I want and need it, not what is convient for others. I took the first step yesterday and bought some plastic containers to organize some of my clothes. Then I went home and and worked on getting something accomplished. And within an hour it was amazing how much I did. Terri even worked on getting her scrapbook stuff out of the room that is going to be mine for now on.

This was not easy for either one of us. We saw our dream diminish. So I had to sit and reflect on that for a few minutes. Terri offered to do more in the room and I told her that we have done enough for one night. I just wanted to close the door and reflect. She left and I sat and looked around. Yea I could of gotten really depressed because I could of felt as if I was being reduced to one room but that is not reality. I have a house, a nice house. It will become a house sharing instead of a partnership but that is ok. It will be ok. I know it all takes time.

I will work to get the bedroom the way I will be the most comfortable in and then I will finally purchase a bed and get off the damm air mattress. Once again, it takes time. I have time. But I do want to get to the point that I feel COMFORTABLE in the house and not feel as though I can't say what is on my mind or do what I would like. If I want to stay up until 5 am I can and will and if I want to be in bed by 7 pm I can and will.

These are my thoughts from the last few days.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes I am Finally Updating My Blog

Hello everyone,

Well the last month or two have been crazy for me. I came back to school the first of January and it just does not feel like I have stopped running since. I celebrated my 42nd birthday with a great group of people and had a wonderful dinner at Sidney Street Cafe. The service was excellent and the steak melted in my mouth. Then it was on to Hummels for Karaoke. NO, no of us did any drunk singing.
The highlight of my evening was seeing my best friend, Bear, show up with Uncle Doug from Columbia. That literally brought tears to my eyes. I miss that Bear so much. But we are going to catch up in Columbia in a few weeks, can't wait for that.

NOW on to the shocking news for most of you. If you know me, you know I have been in a relationship for 6 years with Terri. Well, I had to do what I had to do and I ended that relationship. I have not been single for 15 years!!!!!! Yea I am one of those that have gone from one relationship to the next most of my life. I am going to savor the fact that I only have to account for myself. The living arrangements are the same, it can get tense at times but we will work it out. Not much can happen with the housing market the way it is.

Next up in my crazy life is my part time job. I have started to bartend at a new bar in "the grove" called Rehab. Here is the link.

My brother Rodney works very hard at updating all the fun times we have there. So please check out the link and come in for a drink. I work on Saturday's from 11 am to 7 pm. I make killer bloody mary's!!!!!

OK that is enough for now.... I hope to see you out and about.