Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Found the Money

Just wanted to put a quick note on here that I found the money that I thought I lost. I now know a great hiding place for myself. HA HA

I am teaching summer school and there is not much time in my day to post, but I will try to get a real one out there this week.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Frustration/ Anger

Man was I ever a mess yesterday. I got up Friday knowing it was going to be a different day at school but I would never of thought that I would have the day that I had. It started off in a panic. My team decided to use out PTO money to treat our kids to a lunch. I contacted the person I needed to, he gave me the money and I put it in a safe place. Well it was a safe place because I could not find the money Friday morning. I am sure age has something to do with this but I am not going to blame it on age just yet.

So I frantically searched my car, twice, went back inside to check my pants pockets, looked in the safe place, could not find it. I had to get to work, I had to figure something out by 11 am.

The first period was fine, believe it or not, my first hour really did not bother me much. I explained that we were waiting until 9:15 to practice the 8th grade promotion, they were cool with just hanging out and talking. I was satified with that as well, I had some last minute work to get completed.

So we went to the cafeteria to get the kids lined up, chaos at its best. We were not handed our lists of where the students were to sit until 5 minutes before we were to go downstairs. You will notice that through this post, organization was NOT our friend. So the teachers do what we do the best, get it done in a pinch. We all worked together and got the students to sit at their appropriate table, I don't know why that is needed because they are not called up on any stage, so who gives a fuck where they sit and how they come into the gym.

We, my team of teachers, tried to explain this to the person that was "organizing" the event earlier in the week but we were not listened to. OK, that sets up Friday.

So, the students line up, walk up the stairs, sit down, IT WAS ONLY THEN DID THE ORGANIZER REALIZE THERE WERE NOT ENOUGH SEATS FOR THE STUDENTS TO SIT!!!!!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, she then said, well we can't practice correctly so send them to 3rd hour. Well that would be great for me and my team, our kids go to ancillary 3rd and 4th hour. But NO, our team leader does not have the balls to go against the tide, so instead of sending them off team for our break, he says, go back to homeroom. WHAT? Remember me saying we were going to have a lunch for the students... yea. I had to split my kids up in order to go and get the lunch.

My battery is going to die on my lap top.... so you will have to come back later for the rest of my Friday June 6th story.