Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mid June

Well this is the second week of summer school and I have 3 more weeks to go. It is going to be a long 3 weeks. :( I have given the students an opportunity to work in groups today and I think that seems to help a little bit. Them staying focused on the assignment is the tough part.

My personal life has had it ups and downs. I am struggling to remain calm in my living situation. I am tired of being treated like I am one of Terri's kids and she seems to think she has the final say as to what happens at the house. I am going to live my life and if that makes her uncomfortable there are places she can go. I know that might sound harsh and hateful but I am at my wits ends. We have had several discusssions on how the living arrangements can change and I am sure there will be a change in my address in the next few months.

Now to the ups. Kadee is a blessing. I am not a church-going person but I also believe that there is a reason for people to meet. I met Kadee back in September of 08 and we met again this spring. I am enjoying my time with her and she is certaintly a calming influence in my life. And she is FUN. She is OUTGOING. She is well READ. Did I say she is FUN?

I am looking forward to Friday at the pool with friends. It is starting to get hot in St. Louis and a nice cool pool is perfect. This Sunday is Father's day and I will not be in Chicago with my dad, grandfather and brother but they will be in my thoughts for sure. I hope you they have a great day.

I am working on my Master's degree through Ashford University in Iowa. It is an online program and I love it. I have completed one class and I am on my second class. I am enjoying the new technology I am learning to help with my teaching.

OK back to work,

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another School Year Finished

The date is June 4th and another school year is over. This year had some major ups and downs for me. We lost, yet again, another principal and yet again we have presented a contract to another eager beaver. But we have not heard if she has accepted the contract. I guess we will know something in August.

I am not really sad to see this class of students leave the building. I am not very eager to have the 7th graders come upstairs either. I had that group for summer school last year and I have heard many horror stories with them this year. I sure hope they mature some during the summer.

I have decided to teach another year of summer school. It is too easy not to. We only go to school Monday- Thursday from 8:15- 12:15. That is not a difficult day. I am teaching the 8th graders that did not pass this year. I know most of the students that will be in my class, which makes it so much easier.

I completed my first class for my Master's. I learned a whole bunch when it comes to different technologies that I did not even know exsisted. I am now working with my learning styles vs my teaching styles. That should be interesting because I found out today that the two different categories do not go hand in hand. I do not teach like I learn. I want to explore that more and I will have an opportunity this week when I complete my next assignment.

I went to the Cardinal's game last night and sat in a suite right behind home plate. I took total advantage of being in the suite. Free food, free beer and sitting right behind the catcher and actually seeing the strike zone. It was pretty cool. Thanks Jenny and Emily.

Here's to a sunny and warm weekend in St. Louis. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!