Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off on Yet Another Trip

You know, I feel as if I am always traveling. It has been nice to get out of town for some fun. This time I am going to Chicago to see my family and I am looking forward to the visit. I will get to see my grandparents, my dad and Betty and my brother and his family. I am also going to my niece's play on Saturday. That should be fun to watch. My best friend from highschool finally responded to an email, so I will get to see her as well. Her life has taken a few turns as well. Totally looking forward to sitting around and catching up.

School is just about out. In fact we have 9 more instructional days left. And I am one of those mean teachers that will have something due right up to the last day. That is the only way to keep ones sanity.

I am also halfway through my first master's class. I have learned so much about technology the last 4 weeks. BUT, I am not looking forward to writing a paper for my final assignment. I have some reading to catch up on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, this is all for now. I will post after my weekend. Oh yea, I almost forgot. Brian and I are going to the Cubs game Sunday afternoon. The tickets are 11 rows from the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure we will have a great time.

Have a great weekend everyone,


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